Honorary NI Loli

Last weekend I went away to Belfast for Q-Con to spend some time with Mr Rachel, weeb out and catch up with my Northern Irish Loli friends!

 I had to re-plan my coords since I’d been warned that it would be very warm – Bye bye Dim Lights/ Haenuli’s Penguins ;__; )

“天 氣 不 似 預 期   但 要 走   總 要 飛”

Belfast was decent upon my late arrival bar a bit windy but woah! When I got off the bus on Royal Avenue, it was a VERY different story! It was ROASTING! Absolutely roasting!

etc coord Saturday’s Coord: JSK – ETC | Cutsew – Taobao | Socks – Yata | Shoes – Zoft | Beret – After Midnight

It was a VERY warm day and Q-Con isn’t known for it’s aircon so I tried to go with a light and comfy outfit. With the empire waist, it was definitely fairly cooling and I didn’t mind the OTKS, even the half wig and beret were alright but a cage skirt would have been VERY nice! That’s definitely something I need to invest in one day. Any suggestions for a good and price friendly cage skirt are most welcome!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing We went out to 3Levels – Asian Fusion  and I got a salmon Teppanyaki meal complete with miso soup, fried rice and side veggies (I was actually set on a donburi but never mind!) and it was around the £16 mark but very filling! The Apple mojito mocktail was also 10/10 – very refreshing and super sweet! Following the feeding, we went to take outfit shots with Queen’s University as the backdrop. Group photo courtesy of Q-Con.

No automatic alt text available.The next day called for some serious reconsideration of outfit. I ditched the cutsew in order to not suffer as much. I hope Mana-sama will forgive me.

Turns out this is my most well behaved Q-Con, of all the things I wanted I ONLY bought this Elizabeth 3rd charm from Eternal S. Other things considered were: various Free! figures (but the ones I wanted had sold out), Mystic Messenger and Yuri on Ice!!! acrylic freestanding displays and various cute plushies that were a bit overpriced.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, selfie, closeup and outdoorSunday’s Coord: JSK – Taobao | Shoes – Zoft (same as Saturday) | Accessories – After Midnight

I forgot about getting an outfit shot but Mr Rachel and I did get a cute selfie!

Until next year Q-Con!


ILD Treats

This year’s summer ILD had an interesting bundle of treats! Hannah and Beccy organised this year’s Yorkshire ILD and we had afternoon tea at the lovely Gray’s Court Hotel. Looking at the pictures on their website, I had initially thought this was slightly outside the city centre but turns out it’s tucked just behind York Minster! Who knew?! The staff were lovely (including Mark(?) who photobombed me) as was the food.

Our lovely hosts supplied us with a little activity booklet (please find enclosed ILD bingo, the opportunity to provide more legs and apply Misako’s make-up!) with raffle ticket stapled in the back – very helpful!

 I won myself some cute stickers from Starsqueak

 I’m slowly working my way round and making my boring daily goods kawaii and pretty – thank you!

Other prizes included jewellery/ accessories from After Midnight, Peacockalorum and Twinkle Kitty, a crazy cat teapot and dress from Metamorphose!

Other treats include:

  • Sophie coming up from Cambridge to visit! Photo courtesy of the nice ticket bloke at the train station! I missed you Sophie! We need to see each other more!

  • 2 for 1 cocktails at a spontaneous casual after party
  • 281 photos on my SLR (cut down to 135 in the end)
  • Some funny GIFs of Sophie

sophie 01 smol  sophie 03 smol

Also I’m totally thinking about a career change. Making GIFs is fun!

And finally, my ILD twinning co-ord ❤ This is the only OP I own and it is the comfiest thing I own – well done Anna House! I actually have a bundle of things from when I visited Anna House, it’s all still in my suitcase…

SONY DSC OP – Anna House

Bow & Wristcuffs – Handmade

Other Accessories – Offbrand

Socks – Cutesy Kink

Shoes – Dreamy Bows

Bag – Taobao

Socks fo’ Days!

How about a review to get the ball rolling?

I placed an order with Cutesy Kink on 28th May to get some socks for ILD. I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about it for a while, hence cutting it a little close. I couldn’t really justify spending £8 (including postage) on one pair of socks so in the end I caved and bought £35 worth of socks/tights for free postage. I got in touch with Cutesy Kink via Facebook first to make sure I’d get them in time for ILD as that’s the main purpose for the order.

ck packaging My order arrived promptly as promised (I was a bit concerned because Monday was a bank holiday) and in pink packaging! I was probably enjoyed that more than necessary.


 First my extra buys. Not going to lie, I only got these to help take the total to £35 but the Totoro tights are cute and the galaxy ones might be able to be coordinated with some of my navy/ blue dresses. If not, I will just have fancy legs without the frills!

sockAnd the socks! I don’t really have many sock options, especially actual Lolita socks so this really is more of an investment than a crazy buy. All was well until dun, dun, DUN! These aren’t the socks are ordered?! ck invoice I checked the order and I had definitely ordered the ones I thought I had. I sent them a message letting them know I had been sent the wrong socks after ILD.

The customer service at Cutesy Kink is very good. They apologised for their mistake and sent out the correct pair. Additionally I got to keep the wrong socks.


Product Accuracy – 10/10 ~ all products are as shown on the website (not inclusive of the wrong socks)

Delivery – 10/10 ~ super fast 48 hour delivery

Customer Service – 10/10 ~ super customer service!

Additional Comments – wrong socks sorted quickly and with ease, excellent customer service.

Overall Rating – 10/10 would buy again!