Honorary NI Loli

Last weekend I went away to Belfast for Q-Con to spend some time with Mr Rachel, weeb out and catch up with my Northern Irish Loli friends!

 I had to re-plan my coords since I’d been warned that it would be very warm – Bye bye Dim Lights/ Haenuli’s Penguins ;__; )

“天 氣 不 似 預 期   但 要 走   總 要 飛”

Belfast was decent upon my late arrival bar a bit windy but woah! When I got off the bus on Royal Avenue, it was a VERY different story! It was ROASTING! Absolutely roasting!

etc coord Saturday’s Coord: JSK – ETC | Cutsew – Taobao | Socks – Yata | Shoes – Zoft | Beret – After Midnight

It was a VERY warm day and Q-Con isn’t known for it’s aircon so I tried to go with a light and comfy outfit. With the empire waist, it was definitely fairly cooling and I didn’t mind the OTKS, even the half wig and beret were alright but a cage skirt would have been VERY nice! That’s definitely something I need to invest in one day. Any suggestions for a good and price friendly cage skirt are most welcome!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing We went out to 3Levels – Asian Fusion  and I got a salmon Teppanyaki meal complete with miso soup, fried rice and side veggies (I was actually set on a donburi but never mind!) and it was around the £16 mark but very filling! The Apple mojito mocktail was also 10/10 – very refreshing and super sweet! Following the feeding, we went to take outfit shots with Queen’s University as the backdrop. Group photo courtesy of Q-Con.

No automatic alt text available.The next day called for some serious reconsideration of outfit. I ditched the cutsew in order to not suffer as much. I hope Mana-sama will forgive me.

Turns out this is my most well behaved Q-Con, of all the things I wanted I ONLY bought this Elizabeth 3rd charm from Eternal S. Other things considered were: various Free! figures (but the ones I wanted had sold out), Mystic Messenger and Yuri on Ice!!! acrylic freestanding displays and various cute plushies that were a bit overpriced.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, selfie, closeup and outdoorSunday’s Coord: JSK – Taobao | Shoes – Zoft (same as Saturday) | Accessories – After Midnight

I forgot about getting an outfit shot but Mr Rachel and I did get a cute selfie!

Until next year Q-Con!


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