ILD Treats

This year’s summer ILD had an interesting bundle of treats! Hannah and Beccy organised this year’s Yorkshire ILD and we had afternoon tea at the lovely Gray’s Court Hotel. Looking at the pictures on their website, I had initially thought this was slightly outside the city centre but turns out it’s tucked just behind York Minster! Who knew?! The staff were lovely (including Mark(?) who photobombed me) as was the food.

Our lovely hosts supplied us with a little activity booklet (please find enclosed ILD bingo, the opportunity to provide more legs and apply Misako’s make-up!) with raffle ticket stapled in the back – very helpful!

 I won myself some cute stickers from Starsqueak

 I’m slowly working my way round and making my boring daily goods kawaii and pretty – thank you!

Other prizes included jewellery/ accessories from After Midnight, Peacockalorum and Twinkle Kitty, a crazy cat teapot and dress from Metamorphose!

Other treats include:

  • Sophie coming up from Cambridge to visit! Photo courtesy of the nice ticket bloke at the train station! I missed you Sophie! We need to see each other more!

  • 2 for 1 cocktails at a spontaneous casual after party
  • 281 photos on my SLR (cut down to 135 in the end)
  • Some funny GIFs of Sophie

sophie 01 smol  sophie 03 smol

Also I’m totally thinking about a career change. Making GIFs is fun!

And finally, my ILD twinning co-ord ❤ This is the only OP I own and it is the comfiest thing I own – well done Anna House! I actually have a bundle of things from when I visited Anna House, it’s all still in my suitcase…

SONY DSC OP – Anna House

Bow & Wristcuffs – Handmade

Other Accessories – Offbrand

Socks – Cutesy Kink

Shoes – Dreamy Bows

Bag – Taobao


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