Socks fo’ Days!

How about a review to get the ball rolling?

I placed an order with Cutesy Kink on 28th May to get some socks for ILD. I ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ about it for a while, hence cutting it a little close. I couldn’t really justify spending £8 (including postage) on one pair of socks so in the end I caved and bought £35 worth of socks/tights for free postage. I got in touch with Cutesy Kink via Facebook first to make sure I’d get them in time for ILD as that’s the main purpose for the order.

ck packaging My order arrived promptly as promised (I was a bit concerned because Monday was a bank holiday) and in pink packaging! I was probably enjoyed that more than necessary.


 First my extra buys. Not going to lie, I only got these to help take the total to £35 but the Totoro tights are cute and the galaxy ones might be able to be coordinated with some of my navy/ blue dresses. If not, I will just have fancy legs without the frills!

sockAnd the socks! I don’t really have many sock options, especially actual Lolita socks so this really is more of an investment than a crazy buy. All was well until dun, dun, DUN! These aren’t the socks are ordered?! ck invoice I checked the order and I had definitely ordered the ones I thought I had. I sent them a message letting them know I had been sent the wrong socks after ILD.

The customer service at Cutesy Kink is very good. They apologised for their mistake and sent out the correct pair. Additionally I got to keep the wrong socks.


Product Accuracy – 10/10 ~ all products are as shown on the website (not inclusive of the wrong socks)

Delivery – 10/10 ~ super fast 48 hour delivery

Customer Service – 10/10 ~ super customer service!

Additional Comments – wrong socks sorted quickly and with ease, excellent customer service.

Overall Rating – 10/10 would buy again!


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